A Light in the Dark

 A classic tale from Buddhism on the importance of finding our own truth and meaning…

A father and son sit in a dark room.
The son says, ‘Father, I am afraid of this darkness. How can we remove it?’
‘Light the candle, son.’
The boy lights the candle. ‘Ah, now the darkness is gone, is it not, father?’
‘Yes, son.’
The son blows out the candle. ‘Oh, it is again dark, father. I am afraid.’
‘Light the candle, son.’
The boy lights the candle again. ‘Ah, now the darkness is gone.’
He lights and blows out the candle several times.
‘Son, so long as there is darkness, you should keep the candle burning,’ the father tells him. ‘If you blow it out, the darkness will envelop you.
‘But when the sun rises, you need the candle no more. You get light throughout the day from the supreme light of the universe.’

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