From rosy apple cheeks and shining eyes, to dull flaky skin and a distinct lack of energy – however winter hits you, it pays to take the time to nourish, nurture and regenerate. We have chosen the ultimate beauty and wellness ideas to help you to hunker down and emerge renewed from the depths of winter.  By Claire Brayford  


Soothing Anti-dandruff Shampoo, £58, and Cure, £90, Sisley  

Itchy, flakey, angry – the combination of indoor dry heat and the cold, harsh winter causes an uptick in all-round scalp sensitivity. Thankfully, Sisley’s new hair ritual is waiting to ensure a calm, rebalanced and flake-free scalp. The gentle purifying shampoo cleanses, while the Anti-dandruff Cure treats the underlying factors responsible for dandruff and any itchy discomfort. Your hair feels lighter, more supple and strengthened as the duo restores strands, leaving them super soft. It makes for a refreshing start to the day. 


Eyecream, £150, Augustinus Bader

Wake up tired eyes with The Eye Cream, the latest addition to Professor Bader’s cell-renewing skincare. Lightweight and deeply moisturising, his potent formula brings all of the anti-aging properties and intensive hydration to tackle the most demanding area of our face, especially in winter. The comprehensive treatment addresses pretty much all issues – skin firmness, under-eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with potent peptides, as well as clean actives including French Seaweed, Pennywort and Arjun Tree Extracts, it refreshes and renews, promoting flawless radiant skin. Bascially, we all need it.


6 Eaux de Parfum Coffret, £270, Ojar  

Fragrance lingers less in winter – as the temperatures falls, so does your skin’s natural moisture levels but as scent is such an important element of our overall wellbeing, increasing the concentration with layering is the perfect way to make it last. This art of fragrance layering, popular in the Middle East, is at the heart of Ojar. The brand is a fusion of 18 unique scents from East to West. Each is based on six core ingredients – frankincense, rose, honey, sandalwood, oud and musk – which you can mix at will to create your own bespoke fragrance journey.


Biome Calm Cream, £60, Cultured Biomecare  

 Cultured is the new pro-microbiome brand developed by Rob Calcraft, the brains behind clean skincare success story Ren. It approaches the skin like the complex ecosystem it is – different layers brimming with different molecules, different processes and reactions constantly occurring. Designed to work from within rather than on the surface, it uses bio-technology to help the skin to help itself – tackling the source of each concern, rather than merely the symptoms. The microbiome is the skin’s first line of defence and if damaged it can lead to a series of skin conditions especially redness and discomfort during winter – so it pays to treat it with care.


Vegan Protein + Superfood blend,
£40, Wild Nutrition  

As an antidote to our stressed modern lives, the Vegan Protein + Superfood Blend is the perfect any-time boost. The intelligent formula is packed with easy-to-digest vegan protein, super-greens, mushrooms with therapeutic levels of nutrients that give you mood-boosting energy, immunity and the reassurance that you are doing the best for your body. The ingredients work in harmony to support you physically and mentally throughout the day. It’s a simple way to get the nutrients you need.   


EGF Power Cream, £165, BioEffect

There is a new bree d of intelligent skincare that mimics the effects of filler and botox without the need for such invasive treatments. And leading the fray is the latest launch from Icelandic skincare brand, Bioeffect. Winter is about building and strengthening the protective layer of the skin and the new multi-tasking Power Cream employs a potent blend of clean and plant-based anti-aging ingredients, including the brand’s Barley EGF and the new Barley Beta Glucan, to target wrinkles, age spots, loss of firmness and density, as well as dehydration. Skin looks smoother and more even – even large pores are diminished. 


Platinum Lip Plump, £45, Dr Lara Devgan

Prominent New York plastic surgeon Dr Lara Devgan’s signature Lip Plump does more than your standard Chpastick to soothe dry, chapped lips. Rich in collagen-producing ceramides and hydrating nutrients, it delivers a nourishing dose of moisture, visible ‘plumping’ as well as bringing that lovely healthy pink colour. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to maintain hydration and Vitamin B3, it promotes overall softness and targets the appearance of fine lines. We love it.


Illuminating Moisture balm, £28,
Bobbi Brown 

Worn under or on top of makeup, the ultra-fine pearl pigments of this moisture balm add such a natural dewy effect you can wear it all on its own. It perfects that lit-from-within glow that is so hard to get in winter, as well as revitalising tired complexions. Containing Sodium Hylaluronate to help bind in moisture, and Shea Butter to repair the skin’s moisture barrier, Bobbi Brown has launched two new limited edition shades, golden glow and pink glow. Press it at the top of the cheekbone or mix it into your foundation.


Mandelic Acid + Superfood Unity Exfoliant, £32, Youth to the People  

This new leave-on liquid exfoliating solution unites a gentle triple-acid complex with superfood antioxidants to help unglue dull surface skin cells, unblock pores, smooth texture, and reduce the look of dark spots for brighter, clearer skin. Containing Mandelic Acid, Glucosamine, licorice root, and plant extracts, it soothes and supports the skin’s protective barrier, making it ideal for winter-sensitive skin. It’s all of the acids, none of the irritation. Simply sweep over your face after cleansing to help control congestion.  


3410 Air Purifier, £279, Blueair  

We all need a space to breathe, especially when our homes are stuffy with central heating. Skin flare-ups, changes in our sleep patterns and even allergies can be a result of harmful pollutants. Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outside, even in the city. The best air purifiers, like the Blueair device, quietly filter the air, removing dust, mould, allergens and even bacteria and viruses, promoting better sleep and protecting your skin from premature ageing. Breathing techniques are vital to wellbeing – it’s important to breathe the best air we can.


Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, £427, La Prairie  

Retinol is one of the most googled beauty ingredients because it remains the gold standard for anti-ageing. And La Prairie’s newly launched Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil is imbued with the retinol extracted from Swiss Acipenser Baerii caviar eggs, no less. It works in conjunction with the skin’s natural circadian rhythms at night, when the body is programmed for regeneration, to counteract age-induced loss of collagen and renew the skin. It is gentle enough to use for those reactive to retinol, but potent enough to make a real difference. It is certainly a nighttime ritual to savour.


The cleanser, £28, Monday Muse  

It pays to switch to a hydrating cleanser during the winter months, and award-winning skincare brand Monday Muse’s non-foaming, hybrid milk-gel is the perfect balance. Blended with natural pure ingredients, it leaves the skin purified but also moisturised and nourished. Packed with skin-loving Red Algae and Aloe Vera to replenish and hydrate, and Sweet Almond Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Prebiotics to help balance and nourish the skin barrier, preparing it for the next steps in your regimen and creating the perfect clean, healthy canvas.


Oskia x Temperley Love Massage Candle, £58, Oskia

British designer Alice Temperley and skincare brand Oskia have teamed up to create this skin-smoothing massage candle in aid of Women for Women International, with 10% of the proceeds going to help women survivors of war. Made with the purest natural ingredients including beeswax, soybean and coconut oil, the formulation nourishes the skin and awakens the senses. 

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