our story

Kintsugi means to ‘join with gold’. In Japan, it is a traditional way to repair broken ceramics and is a practice that dates back to the 15th century. In Kintsugi, there is no attempt to hide or disguise what has been broken, imperfections are embraced and celebrated. The result is
something that is more beautiful and stronger because of the breaks.

Inspired by this ancient philosophy, in 2015, Metanoia founded a new wellness brand in Abu Dhabi, bringing together the brightest minds and ideas to help women to find and build their inner beauty, to live in health and happiness.

Through our exclusive products, seasonal magazine and pop-up events, we support and empower women all over the world, helping each person in our community to heal, grow and embrace who they truly are.

our vision

‘There is a great pressure for women these days to be flawless, to balance their relationships and their career with their family life, all while looking a certain way,’ says Founder Metanoia. ‘We strive for perfection but from my own experience, it’s how we respond in times of challenges to these ‘imperfect moments’ that actually comes to create who we truly are’

‘My vision is to inspire all Kintsugi women to understand that we can become stronger and more beautiful for having been broken – just like the ceramics. I believe our imperfections shouldn’t be seen as weaknesses, it’s part of who we are.

We know that when women let go of what they feel they ‘should’ be, they are free to be who they really are, and that there is a real, life-changing power in that

When women are women embrace who they really are there is limitless potential to improve families, communities, countries and the world, which is why at Kintsugi, our motto is “Empowering women to effect change”. Remember the world doesn’t need superwomen, it needs real women.’

kintsugi Collections

Created in the true spirit of the Kintsugi philosophy, all of our products have been carefully designed to empower and support women, encouraging self-reflection, offering ancient wisdom or simply adding a touch of much-deserved luxury when we need it most. Using the finest materials, from Lyon lace in our gowns to pure essential oils from Grasse in our candles, each product offers an opportunity for a moment of inner calm.

kintsugi magazine

Each season, Kintsugi publishes a lifestyle magazine bringing inspirational interviews and thoughtful features on everything from self-development to fashion, beauty and wellness advice. Moving away from the ‘superwoman’ ideal, this is a title for those who celebrate the perfectly imperfect parts of life. Our magazine is designed to honour and celebrate the strength and power of women, while supporting them to make positive changes both for themselves, and the world around them.

kintsugi space

Opening in 2022, Kintsugi Space will be a revolutionary new wellness retreat in the heart of Abu Dhabi, a private member’s club for women, offering a sanctuary from the outside world, with expert talks, trunk shows, pop-up events and ground-breaking treatments combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional Eastern and Western therapies. At Kintsugi Space, we celebrate the perfectly imperfect.