Balancing our inner energy

Balance is the divine treasure of our life, says Al Reem Al Tenaiji 

Balance opens the doorway to an expanded existence that gives rise to the highest possible potential to express itself.  The divine intelligence of life itself intrinsically seeks balance. Our natural inner urge to seek balance drives us towards more complex and extended expressions. This creative progression manifest human’s higher inner potential. Desire for balance is not tangible though, it comes from within us. 

Balanced energy is the key to serenity. When we feel energetic, we feel confident about ourselves. When we rest, we see more clearly what needs to
be done. 

On the other hand, exertion and tiredness make us overwhelmed and sad. Imbalance indicates a leak of energy, resources, and potential. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of our imbalance because it looks like the life of so many other people, and instead of fixing it, we prefer to get settle in some sort of semi-comfort zone. 

You can sense this lack of inner balance in many ways, like a lack of energy – no motivation, difficulty sleeping, sadness ,anger, tiredness, a consistent stream of thoughts, worries, and obsessiveness with what others do wrong or need to change. 

But the good thing is that we have the potential to be in balance, regardless of our life circumstances. And when we are in harmony, we are able to mirror our surroundings.

Positive affirmations reprogram our nervous system to remember its natural state of peace. It will bring mindfulness to all of that which is currently not aligned with poise and balance. 

Our chaotic relationship with the outer world is another indicator of a lack of balance. Our imbalance will always be held in place by insecurity and the limiting beliefs within us, which cause us not to
speak up, back down, let go, step up, or make difficult choices. 

Our intuitive intelligence is the pillar for meaningful answers to resolve imbalances. If we bring that aspect into balance, we start to understand ourselves better. It does not mean that the problem will be fixed instantaneously, but we can now see
the way ahead.

We cannot depend solely on the mind as it will stick to known patterns of wrong and right, black and white, which it has been taught so far. So, we need
to reach our inner treasure where balance already exists and waiting to be unlocked.  

Attaining inner-outer balance is a key to growth. When we are ready to listen to our calling and inherent feedback, we can attune to our creative energy. 

Kahlil Gibran said: ‘True human nature is like a flower seeking sunlight.’ Teaching us to re-adjust the attention, refuel emotional energy to acquire
a truthful equilibrium.

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