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A whole new academic year, a nip in the air and a return to routine – autumn can be a wonderful time to reassess, reinvent and start afresh, especially when it comes to skincare. By Claire Brayford


Intensive Eye Renewal Cream,
£62, Shani Darden  

The latest addition to the famed esthetician’s previously cult range is a potent eye cream. Shani Darden is the name behind many a clear A-list complexion and the all-in-one formula has been crafted to treat the most common eye concerns. Powered by nine age-defying actives, including potent peptides to plump and firm, silk tree extract to brighten, squalene to hydrate and niacinamide to fight wrinkles, it instantly softens and brightens the eye area. Dark circles are lessened and your face comes alive.


Rejuvenating Night Balm, £32, SBTRCT  

To truly press reset, there is no better route than via the high-performance results of retinol, among the most proven skincare ingredients. But with it invariably comes irritation, so step forward the first solid retinoid bar from zero-waste beauty brand SBTRCT. Combining intense reconditioning with lower irritation it has taken two years to perfect. A great way to start afresh, retaining the skin’s moisture levels, while minimising consumption.


Perfume, from £75, Diptyque  

Travel may have become a distant memory for many, but to mark its 60th anniversary, Diptyque is taking us on Le Grand Tour across the globe from west to east. Inspired by the tradition of the initiatory journey, it is offering a window to the world, with five new scents to try. They include Parisian-inspired Stopover No.1 and its essence of myrrh, old books and waxed wood; Greek themed Milies in No.03 with cypress and fig wood accord and exotic Kyoto with the scent of Turkish rose and vetiver. It’s time to travel within our four walls.


Hydrating Aqua Gel, £20, and Firming and Brightening Silk Crème, £22, NuFACE  

Hailed as the beauty editor’s desert island must-have, NuFACE has launched a new ionized skincare duo to take its microcurrent device to a new level. The lightweight activator gel has hyaluronic acid and glacial water to bring a thirst-quenching hit and skin-cushioning bounce, you can also try the firming and brightening Silk Crème with eight phyto-active ingredients.


Brighten Maximum Glow serum,
£180, Ubuna  

Roll up your sleeves and jump-start your regime with Japanese skincare brand Ubuna’s potent new serum. Developed by harnessing natural antibodies from unfertilised ostrich egg yolks (who would have guessed?), it instantly brightens dull, lacklustre skin. It also harnesses hyperpigmentation-preventing alpha arbutin and brings a shot of brightening vitamin C. Its makers say it creates a molecular ‘cage’ around damaging antigens. We say it is worth the investment.



Run-through Detangling Shampoo, £44, Oribe  

When it comes to reawakening your hair to its glossiest, healthiest prime, Oribe is the superpower beyond the salon. The rejuvenating range tackles every concern from colour to condition, and is now taking on our post-summer knots and breakage with its new Detangling collection. Blended with shea butter to condition, sunflower extract for shine and red algae extract to nourish, it gently cleanses the hair without drying, softening each strand to make it more manageable. We love that it is infused with the signature perfume of founding hairdresser Oribe Canales, making it a hair ritual to indulge in.


Liquid Mask, £115, 111Skin   

After his time as a trauma surgeon and expert in biomedical healing technologies, Dr Yannis is considered the first authority on the rejuvenating power of the sheet mask. If you love the immediate results of these one-sheet-wonders – but not the environmental impact – 111Skin has launched a new multi-use alternative. The six transformative liquid masks are formulated with a whole host of actives to address specific skincare concerns. The ultimate is the NAC Y2 Recovery mask, featuring a fusion of antioxidants, amino acids and vasoprotectors – the signature barrier-building complex to reduce oxidative stress, irritation and redness while strengthening the skin against external aggressors.


Sleep Plus range, from £12, This Works  

We know the most powerful way to recharge is via sleep, but for so many of us, natural sleep patterns have been severely disrupted, which is why This Works has reinvented its Sleep Plus range to maintain natural slumber. Optimised with a superblend of pure CBD, lavender, chamomile and vetivert, we love the Massage Relief roller to help you unwind, release trapped muscle tension and increase blood flow before sleep; the bath oil to soak away stress; and the delicious pillow spray to help you drift off with ease.


Fragrance, £92 for 50ml, Valeur Absolue  

From her background in luxury and beauty, Bénédicte Foucart saw the need for a fresh approach to perfume. Partnering with leading aromachologists, neuroscientists and perfumers, she transformed the traditional fragrance into a scented personal ritual, creating elixirs that not only smell divine but create positive emotions and energy. Assembled by hand in the French town of Grasse, our favourite is the gentle Sérénitude, blended with calming, creamy sandalwood and fresh Indonesian patchouli, as well as loose semiprecious amazonite stones to symbolise protection. The fragrance allows you to identify your ‘absolute self’.


Lipstick, £36, La Bouche Rouge    

Nothing gives you a new lease of life quite like a slick of red lipstick. Not only does the French brand La Bouche Rouge offer the perfect scarlet shades, it is devoted to minimising the beauty industry’s environmental impact by packaging lipsticks either in recycled stainless steel bullets or handcrafted excess leather, complete with the brand’s signature saddle stitch. Free from harmful microplastics that we swallow so many of, as well as parabens and silicones, it is the ultimate in Parisian lip chic.


Ultra Smoothing Detoxifying Body Polish, £50, 79 Lux   

Founded by integrative health and nutrition coach, Karen Cummings-Palmer, 79 Lux was born from the desire to create an indulgent skincare line that treats dry, eczema-prone skin. The latest addition is a cosseting, rose-gold-hued body polish that leaves limbs with a flattering sheen. Combining mineral-rich Himalayan Salt, squalene and rose to hydrate, and grape seed and jasmine to repair and even the skin, it exfoliates and detoxifies, boosts circulation and draws out impurities, while lifting the mood and feeding the skin. The scent is wonderfully uplifting too.


Hand Wash Starter Kit, £45, Forgo  

Forgo is the innovative Swedish handwash brand for anyone looking for a low waste / low emissions life. It uses only paper refills of cleansing powder added to water in glass bottles and contains less than 10 essential ingredients, in three refreshing scents: neutral, citrus and wood. The plant-based formulation is 100 per cent plastic-free, the aromatics are distilled from leftovers, and the bottle looks oh-so-stylish in your bathroom.


Ionic Body Brush, £55, Karmameju  

A new wave of body brushes is making the age-old technique more powerful and pleasant. Karmameju’s ionic body brush forms negative ions on the skin, which accelerate the transport of oxygen to our cells and body tissue. It stimulates the lymph nodes to detoxify the blood and increase the resistance of the skin. According to the brand, ionic brushing originated from monasteries, where they balanced the electromagnetic energies in the body and helped remove toxins. Just a couple of minutes a day can make a big difference.

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