Chaos & Change

When you stop fighting change, you see the beauty in acceptance.

When it comes to life-altering experiences, people rarely speak about the state of limbo you stumble upon during the uncertainty of your condition. Yet, you can take advantage of this perilous state, whether you have no control over your situation or just because you’re lost for answers.

Trauma of any kind can consume our energy, vibrancy, and even our personalities. Trauma tends to leave a mark, whether from childhood or during your formative years. It becomes a part of you, whether you’re willing to accept it or not. At a certain point, you must realize you cannot fight your trauma from being ingrained in you, but you have to accept the changes it has molded in you.

You might never see things the same or feel the same way about something you once loved. But this is all a part of the change brought upon us due to our circumstances. When you stop fighting change, you see the beauty in acceptance.

Trauma denial can be used as a shield to guard us emotionally and mentally after trauma. But it doesn’t allow us to heal and fully acknowledge our pain.

Facing your trauma can be surprisingly rewarding. It can allow you to step forwards towards acceptance, merging parts of your past into you, so you feel more whole.

I have been in recovery since 1999, and I truly believe that until you acknowledge and recognize trauma for what it is, you deny your own experience. It isn’t easy, and you will feel like you’re taking steps backward instead of forwards, but it’s crucial to remember recovery isn’t linear. There is no assessment, standard or pace on which you should base your healing journey. Look for the light and tread slowly, and you’ll find the parts of yourself you are looking for again.

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