Day 13


Creating balance

Balance has become a buzzword in our trend-obsessed society. We talk about work-life balance, balanced meals, the delicate balance of family life, balancing the books – on and on we go, believing that finding the perfect balance of all these things will lead to happiness. But Kingsford is right, balance isn’t found, it’s created. And for everyone, it’s different. It doesn’t mean having equal amounts of all the aspects of your life, it means having space and time to focus on the things that are important to you. In your journal, note down the following things: work, family, health, friends, money, faith, community.

Think about what each one really means, what it entails, and give each one a mark of importance out of ten. Now, re-list these things in order of importance, and look at the list – and life – you have created. Identifying your priorities is the first step to creating a balance.

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