Day 6


Learning to surrender

We cannot see gravity, we can’t touch it or hear it, yet we don’t doubt that it’s there. Similarly, the universe works in ways we cannot ever hope to truly see or understand – nor do we need to – we just need to trust that it’s there, surrounding us and keeping us on a path that is created for us. The idea of surrendering to the universe can be scary, yet it is also freeing. Respecting the idea of a larger cosmic plan is an enlightened way of living that allows you to be truly present in your life, aware of all the endless opportunities around you and open to following new paths with courage and curiosity.

Take a moment to sit, with your eyes close and imagine looking at yourself and your life from above. hat do you see? How would describe this person? What paths can you see in front of them? What does their story hold?  Write down your answers to these questions without thinking too hard about them, and see what emerges when you give yourself up to possibility.

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