Finding your Creatrix

We are all creative beings. But how do we access this part of ourselves? Claire Winter is your guide

Humans have always created. We find simple solutions to problems. We create diverse and intriguing ways of communicating who we are. And we share new ideas and bring people together. We have enormous creative potential, but accessing that potential can feel a struggle. It’s easier to say, ‘I’m not creative at all,’ than to face the challenge of finding inspiration.

I have long believed in the concept of the ‘creatrix’: a spiritually connected female creator. And I truly believe we all have one within us. A creatrix is ‘a female who produces, creates and brings forth’. A creatrix is in tune with her spirituality and with her full creative powers. A force to be reckoned with, she is a woman deeply connected to her feminine energy and unafraid to share her creations with the world. But how do you find her?

Amid the challenges of modern society, women often feel creatively blocked or frustrated, which can manifest at work and at home. We dismiss our talents or never allocate time to create. We run scripts in our heads, like: ‘Who am I to write poetry, to sculpt, or to take on that project?’

Creativity feeds all of humanity. If we turn our backs on it, we find ourselves increasingly defeated and playing small in our personal and work lives. We often lack the self-belief, confidence or know-how to tap into the most authentic part of ourselves. But if we honour the creatrix within and unleash her limitless power, it is amazing what unfolds.

I believe passionately in the power of walking to ignite creativity, and launched the Creatrix Journey to inspire women to walk in nature, connect to the source and write words that need to be written in online writing circles. The results have been amazing: beautiful poetry, engaging blogs and impactful business ideas.

But if walking and writing don’t light your soul, try painting, drawing, cooking, drumming, singing, baking, knitting, dancing or sewing. Don’t worry about the results: revel in the act of creating and the joy it brings.

You are and always will be a creatrix. She is part of you and you can choose to celebrate her every day. If something makes you happy, it is worth spending time doing it. The energy and happiness it creates will impact every aspect of your life. You will be a better work colleague, business owner, partner and friend because you are creatively fulfilled.

Explore and celebrate your creatrix. Invite her into your life. And unleash your creativity so you can share your soul’s passion with the world. You won’t regret it.

Unlock your inner creatrix

Women are told it’s their responsibility to take care of everyone around them. Creative projects, book ideas and art get shelved while everyone else gets looked after. But here’s how to unlock your creatrix:

Make time
Can you carve out twenty minutes – or one day a week – to be creative? Maybe write in your lunch break, or get up twenty minutes earlier,
or delay watching your favourite Netflix show for half an hour of creating.
Make this time sacred in your diary.

Start to journal
Putting pen to paper and letting creative ideas flow is a great place to start. Give yourself free reign to explore every creative idea, no matter how crazy it seems.

Write your own affirmation
Words are powerful and setting an intention can make a huge difference. ‘I am a creatrix and I am going to create…’ – finish the sentence as you wish. Put it on your wall, make it your screensaver or set a reminder on your phone.

Activate your creatrix

To find your words and wisdom, walk and write. Spending time walking mindfully in nature can inspire and motivate you. In fact, according to a Stanford University study, it can boost your creative output by sixty per cent. And reconnecting with nature can help you find your inner words and wisdom, so try this simple exercise:

Take yourself for a walk.
If you have a forest or woodland nearby, even better. Take a notebook with you or use voice notes to capture any inspirations.

Put your devices on airplane or do-not-disturb mode
If you’re distracted, take a moment to ground yourself and reconnect to your environment. Stand still, root your feet and take three deep breaths. Notice the woodland and nature around you, and connect to all of the elements.

Tap into all your senses
How does it sound? How does it feel? How does it smell? What does it look like? How do you imagine things taste? What does the movement around you feel like outside your body and inside it? When you come back from your walk, turn off all notifications and write for twenty to forty minutes.


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