Five Apps for changing your life


If you’re looking to upskill or master a new hobby, this app is an easy way to access thousands of creative classes covering everything from calligraphy and using Photoshop to social media marketing and designing T-shirts. Watch classes via the app for on-the-go inspiration. While some classes are offered for free, you can upgrade to monthly or annual plans for complete access.


Making positive change is all well and good but how do you actually keep it up? Habitica helps you with exactly that, turning the goal of forming good habits into a fun game, with its own characters and scoring. The app also lets you build habits with friends and family and you can add customisable rewards – like a meal out or an extra hour binging on your favourite TV box set.


Sometimes we all need a little nudge to be more grateful for the things we have and this app is a handy reminder to do just that. Every day it records one second of your day, whether it’s your morning jog or a big milestone, collecting the beautiful, funny, tragic moments in your life as you go for one keepsake docu-film you’ll forever cherish.


Every day we make dozens of decisions on what we eat, and therefore what we become (hence the saying: we are what we eat). This simple app will help you make better decisions by allowing you to add or scan two different foods you might be debating and the app provides you with the nutritional information for each dish.


Committing things to memory can be hard, but this app provides an easy solution to make memorising fun. For example, if you’re learning a new language, learning the most common words is key to picking it up fast. You can use Memrise to quickly run through the words you want to learn and retain them through memorisation techniques. This can also apply to anything you want to remember, whether it’s a work presentation or the periodic table.

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