Five apps… for connection

When did you last check in with your friends and family? Or yourself, for that matter? Here are five clever apps to help strengthen our closest connections…


How do you split the chores in your relationship? Who initiates intimacy? Are you happy with how things are going? This new app, featuring audio tutorials and daily tips, is dedicated to getting you and your partner on the same page by asking a range of questions on subjects from housework to sex and asking you to rate your happiness. Your partner will be asked the same questions and then you can explore your replies together.


In a digital world, receiving a postcard in the mail is all the more meaningful. With Touchnote it’s quick and easy to design a card using your own photos and send at the click of a button. A lovely way to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them.

Better O

Designed to ‘cultivate your inner feminine divinity’, this ground-breaking app is packed with expert advice and programmes on how to awaken your sexual energy and improve self-love, sensitivity and connection with your partner. With everything from breathing techniques to yoni exercises, this is definitely one to bookmark.


Whether it’s a series that you and your partner love watching together or a reality show that only your best friend will understand, watching TV is always much better with someone else. Available for both iOS and Android users, this clever new app allows you to stream shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more with another person via a split screen. Featuring a chatroom where you can text or video message each other in real time, it’s as good as being in the room together.


How well do you know your friends? This fast guessing game is a great way to find out. With trivia rounds, fake answers to spot and quickfire ‘Who is the most likely to…’ questions, this game will quickly reacquaint you with those closest to you. It’s fabulous fun too.

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