Five Apps… for creating an instant sanctuary

Find a way tune in, zone out and create an instant feeling of retreat and calm with these simple apps


Simple background sounds from jungle frogs and waves on the sand to birds at dusk and gentle waterfalls playing on an endless loop, meaning you can turn one on, close your eyes and shut the world out.


Guided breathing exercises for mindfulness. The breathing analyser detects your breathing rate and automatically sets your target breathing rate, calming your down and even lowering your blood pressure.


A self-care pocket companion, this clever little apps offers up suggestions for simple moments of wellbeing –think hydration, journaling or stretching – to keep you focused and ensure you’re looking after yourself.


When you need to zone out, the playlists on Spotify are some of the most relaxing. You can search by mood too, meaning you can select music for moments such as morning awareness, read and unwind, study-focus or acoustic chill.


An incredibly comprehensive walk through Buddhist teachings, Dharma Seed is also free, making it one of the worlds’ most accessible meditation platforms. You can search talks by topic or mood to create an instant moment of mindfulness and self-compassion.

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