Five apps… for living with less

In a world of excess, it can be hard to disengage with the desire for more. These clever apps are all about learning to share what we have and to live with less

  1. Olio

    This neighbourhood sharing app is all about getting us to live less wastefully, giving you a platform to offer surplus food, household items or clothes for free to locals living nearby. Incredibly satisfying and good for your community to boot!

  2. By Rotation

    Nicknamed the ‘Airbnb of fashion’, this app allows members to rent out items in their wardrobes, enabling others to borrow clothes, bags and shoes rather than buying, from
    mid- to high-end brands. Perfect for weddings, holidays and other one-wear events.

  3. Centriq

    Is there anything more frustrating that trying to dig out a paper manual to stop the washing machine from blinking? This genius app helps to organise paper piles related to your tools, appliances and other home electronics to one place. Simply take pictures of your gadgets and gizmos and the app will find warranties, manuals and tutorials and store them in one place.

  4. 30 Wears

    Originally started by Olivia Firth, the #30wearschallenge is a great way for everyone to help sustainable fashion. Before buying anything, simply ask yourself: ‘Will I wear this 30 times?’ Keeping track of purchases, this app encourages users to upload selfies wearing items in their wardrobes, helping rediscover forgotten items and preventing impulse buys.

  5. Karma

    A frankly shocking one third of all food produced globally goes to waste and this app wants to do something about it. From the Michelin-starred Aquavit to Daylesford and Detox Kitchen, this Swedish start-up allows consumers to discover unsold food from nearby restaurants, bars and cafés in London.

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