Five Apps… for making most of your time

Whether you’re a card-carrying procrastinator or juggling five people’s schedules, these apps will help you to get – and stay – on track


This app aims is a bit of a lifesaver when it comes to managing time. Whether you’re working from home or juggling multiple, time-consuming projects, Focus is a must-have for anyone who finds themselves easily getting distracted or forgetting to take occasional breaks. It structures your day into a series of 25-minute working chunks, with tasks and regular breaks included so you’re working in the most efficient way possible. You can also use the app to track tasks, from housework to homework.


If you’re finding the family’s schedule falling on your shoulders and struggling to coordinate who’s doing what when, you might want to download this app which simplifies everyone’s busy lives into one easy-to-view shared family dashboard. From activities to upcoming birthdays, shopping lists, chores, dinner planning prep for the week and even real-time location child tracking, this is the virtual version of Mrs Doubtfire every busy household needs.


If you have what seems like one million balls spinning in the air, Evernote is your place to put all the Post-It notes floating around in your head. Whether it’s a random thought in the middle of the night or a task you remember to do when you’re out and about, this app is a cloud-based space for all the musn’t-forget thoughts and ideas you want to track and compartmentalise. This do-it-all app allows you to manage to-do lists, scan business cards, receipts, documents, and handwritten notes, plus record voice memos.


Are you a member of the procrastination club? You need Forest, an app that’s all about helping you save and maximise your time, encouraging you to pursue all the tasks you keep putting off. You can blacklist websites you want to avoid and when you want to get going on a task, you plant a virtual seed and watch it grow if you’re able to stay focused. If you falter or check a website you’ve previously blacklisted, your tree withers and dies instantly and if you manage to stay motivated, you can grow an entire forest.


If you’re the type of person who loves reading or watching talks or videos, then there is a high chance you probably spend time doing that when you’re meant to be busy elsewhere. Pocket is a super-handy app that will help you tackle the issue head-on. This offline reading tool has a Read It Later service that allows you to select and save articles, videos, and pictures and to view them at a more suitable time, helping you save time while not missing out on something you enjoy. 

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