Five apps for…slowing down

In an age of instant everything, it can be hard to lessen the pace. These apps will help your mind wander from worrying thoughts, escaping the everyday even for just a short while


Colouring has the ability to take us outside of ourselves, giving our busy brains a chance to switch off and refocus on only the task itself. Colorfy is your digital answer to an adult colouring book, with heaps of images and mandalas at your fingertips, plus the option to upload your own sketches to colour in too. All you need to concentrate on is keeping inside of the lines.
Free trial for seven days, then £9.49 per week


If you’ve ever been a fan of bubble-wrap popping, this app is a fantastic way to keep fidgety minds calm with a plethora of mindless activities to turn to when you need some time out. There’s fidget spinners, soap carving, pen clicking and, of course, bubble wrap to pop by the sheet load (without the mess of real life). A great tool to take your mind off anxious moments.


Breathing better can help us feel healthier, calmer and more energised. This app, as its vowel-skipping name suggests, is your personalised breathing toolkit. Packed with a library of exercises – from overcoming a midday slump to relaxing your body before bedtime – it offers classes that range from just 60 seconds to 15 minutes. / Free package of selected classes, or $7.99 per month/$38.99 per year


While many of us are aware of the benefits of journalling, some people may find it hard to express themselves on paper. This is where this voice-transcription app can help. It’s perfect for those who want to talk out ideas that might prove tricky to articulate in writing. There’s a built-in microphone that perfectly captures voice notes, helping to clarify racing thoughts and feelings wherever you are. / Free for basic package

Ten Percent Happier

We can’t always fix everything at once, but we can work on improving 10 per cent at a time. The idea for this app came from a former ABC news anchor who had an on-air panic attack and then found solace in simple meditation. There’s a big selection of straightforward video and meditation combinations, ideal for anyone who doesn’t want anything overly spiritual.
Free trial for seven days, then £87.99 per year

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