Five apps…for streamlining your day-to-day

Stop rushing around trying to ‘do it all’ – by mindfully creating daily habits that will ease life’s stresses, these apps show us that there is another way


Overwhelmed by the multitude of tech platforms you need to tap into on a daily basis? This clever app (‘If this then that’) could be the answer. It’s an automation tool that seamlessly connects apps and experiences, like automatically turning on your smart lights at sunset, or tracking your work hours in Google Calendar. Streamline your online activities and you’ll have more time to focus on priorities.

Did you know certain types of music can help you focus, relax and even sleep better? uses neuroscience and psychology to create the most advanced background soundtrack, helping you work more effectively in a distraction-free environment. There are tunes to help you study, to spur you on during a workout and to help you drift into restful sleep. Just pick which one you need and let the music do the rest.


The average person is productive for only two hours and 53 minutes of an eight-hour working day – meaning you could be underachieving for almost two-thirds of the day. This app encourages you to work in short power bursts, which maximises your productivity, increases your concentration and reduces your fatigue. Pick one goal per day to focus on, and Serene will help you achieve it.


Finding that all-important next task can be tricky when it’s buried beneath a pile of Post-its and hastily scrawled to-do lists. Evernote is one of the best tools for collecting your thoughts and ideas in one place. You can add notes directly to your device or upload photos of your handwritten notes. And it’ll integrate your text messages, audio files and PDFs, bringing them together at the touch of a button.


The most beautiful habit-tracking app, Today helps you target your goals while being aesthetically pleasing. Simply choose the goals or habits you want to achieve, then set a full-screen photo to help you feel motivated. It could be a shot of your favourite beach, to remind you to meditate, or a snapshot of your running route, to help you get your daily steps in. Simple, effective and a joy to use.

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