Five apps for…

…being the best version of yourself

From simple task management to self-care reminders, these five apps gently and creatively help you to go through each day with calm intention Is your brain so crammed with tasks that it’s hard to think straight?’s pleasingly clean and simple interface makes tracking tasks easy. And there’s space to include all your to-do lists and reminders in one hub. Syncing seamlessly across all your devices, it’s the easiest way to stay on top of things, whether you’re at home or out and about.

Aloe Bud: This adorable app uses brightly coloured, pixelated, video game-esque icons for each of its different sections. And it’s brilliantly useful for getting your headspace back on track. An all-in-one self-care companion, it will nudge you gently, throughout the day, to look after yourself, whether that’s drinking more water, taking a break or getting in touch with friends.

Aetheria: ‘If you’re the astronaut,’ says Aetheria, ‘we’re Mission Control.’ This mental health management app stops you feeling spaced out and brings you back to earth. A handy database covers an array of mental disorders, so you can better understand what’s happening in your body, and offers access to therapy-driven and research-based tools. You’ll learn practical methods for coping with everything from an everyday hiccup to a full-blown emotional crisis.

Toobee: This mindfulness app keeps things simple, improving your mindset with one positive affirmation a day. Narrow it down to different categories – from ‘gratitude’ and ‘confidence’ to ‘loving life’ and ‘relaxation’ – then choose the affirmation that speaks to you; such as, ‘I love and accept myself the way I am’ or ‘I learn from each experience’. Programme how often you want the message to pop up on your screen, and face the day with renewed energy.

Forest: This beautifully designed app steers serial procrastinators back on track. Choose the amount of time you want to spend on an uninterrupted task, start the timer and a tiny sapling appears on-screen. The more you progress, the bigger the tree grows. If you try to navigate away from the screen, the tree dies. It’s a charming and surprisingly effective way to
stay focused.

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