Five Apps…

Need perking up? These apps will help us achieve better focus and productivity, boost our minds and move us forwards on our quest for happiness…


Stress is sure to dampen our spirits, but this app can help us deal with and overcome tension and anxiety on a daily basis. Every day it asks questions about our emotions, helps us recognise patterns in our moods, and suggests tools to change them. And there are mindfulness activities, guided journeys and tips to help us deal with particular challenges, such as fear of public speaking or test-taking.

Happy Habits

Dedicated to helping us seek joy, this app begins with a 119-item test to assess our happiness. Then it administers results and suggestions, via games and soothing audios. That means using it is fun, not a chore. A points feature helps us track our progress and cultivate a positive attitude towards our life and self.


Designed by clinical psychologists, this app is about developing healthy attitudes through journaling. It’s like having a personal cognitive-behavioural psychologist in our pocket! We can make notes of our observations and assess ourselves at the end of a day. And there are daily activities to increase our life satisfaction and happiness.

Pay It Forward

Performing acts of kindness is linked to improved feelings of wellbeing. So this app encourages us to do just that, sending daily suggestions for small acts of kindness, and offering features to track and share our good deeds… in case good karma isn’t motivation enough.

Unique Daily Affirmations

Affirmations have the power to switch up our mindset, help us overcome challenges and succeed in our endeavours, and create a happier life. This app gives one positive affirmation per day, which we say out loud and repeat all day to stimulate our minds. (The more we repeat information, the more our minds retain it.) You’ll be surprised!

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