Five ways to change your mind

The first in our series of articles on the five changes that can have the biggest impact on your body, mind, work, relationships, home and planet…

Write things down – Get organised, with a diary or a to do list, but try to stay on top of daily life by writing everything down somewhere you will be able to access it all the time

Have a bedtime ritual – sleep is vital for your mind, as well as your body. Try to develop a bedtime ritual that tells your body to start slowing down and your mind to start relaxing – it could be as simple of changing into pyjamas and lighting a candle, having a bath and reading a self-help book, meditating and turning the lights down low.

Do breakfast affirmations – have a jar with different affirmations for a happier, healthier lifestyle and focus on one a day or week. Read one at breakfast and try to refer back to it throughout the day.

Listen to your favourite song every day – have a playlist that truly moves and inspires you. Listen to one song from it each day, nice and loud, when you can really enjoy it – whether that means singing along, tapping out the beat or dancing with total carefree abandon.

Set your alarm half an hour earlier – give yourself time in the morning so you aren’t rushing and forgetting things, missing trains and getting angry. This time could be spent in bed with a cup of tea, or

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