How I discovered that jewellery makes you happy

Jewellery is often dismissed as a lightweight subject – merely a visual symbol of beauty, wealth and luxury. But did you know that jewellery can have a positive effect on our mental health? It can actually bring us happiness.

Studies have found that the simple act of wearing jewellery can actually bring us happiness – by helping usher in a more positive mindset and having a positive impact on our mental health.

Jewellery, like any other accessory, can impact on how we feel about ourselves.

A necklace or bracelet can remind us of a special memory or loved one, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort in difficult times. When we wear special pieces from loved ones, we carry a sense of connection and security with us throughout the day. A necklace with a meaningful pendant can serve as a constant reminder of our values and beliefs. A bracelet with our birthstone or zodiac sign creates a deeper connection with our individuality. Wearing jewellery featuring certain colours or gemstones can enhance our mood and promote positive energy.

My love for jewellery dates back to my childhood, when my mother would adorn me with beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It wasn’t until later in life that I realised how much these trinkets meant: the emotional value they held far outweighed the pieces themselves. They made me feel more confident and beautiful, but they also brought me a sense of comfort in times of stress. A physical thing to hold onto, a reminder that I am loved.

But the emotional impact goes beyond sentimentality. Wearing jewellery can tangibly improve our mood and therefore reduce our stress levels. The brilliant sparkle of a diamond or the shimmer of a fine gold chain can be a source of real joy and pleasure. It can invoke a feeling of appreciation for beauty and elegance, contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing.

For those who suffer from depression or anxiety, jewellery can offer a distraction from negative thoughts and emotions. Whether it’s a new piece or a cherished heirloom, wearing these items can give us something to focus on and lift our spirits. During the winter months, when lack of sunlight can negatively impact our mood, a touch of added sparkle and shine can go a long way towards lifting the spirits, bringing a little light and warmth to our lives.

In an increasingly uniform world, jewellery serves as a way to personalise our look. Even the plainest outfit can be lifted: a fabulous necklace or pair of earrings adds a touch of femininity and beauty, providing us with a moment to pause, admire and appreciate our own style. As Elizabeth Taylor wrote, jewellery has the power to be the ‘one little thing that makes you feel unique’.
Jewellery can also be a conversation starter, creating opportunities to connect with others. A simple compliment can spark a conversation in which we learn more about each other’s interests, experiences and style.

For me, jewellery is not just a symbol of luxury and beauty, but an effective tool for improving mental health, happiness and emotional wellbeing. From sentimental value to an uplifting boost, a simple piece of jewellery can make a significant impact on our wellbeing. So the next time you find yourself admiring a piece of jewellery, remember its power to bring joy, comfort and healing.

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