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Join KINTSUGI SPACE, an aesthetically elevated environment of sheer tranquillity specifically designed to bring women together. Discover a safe space for restoration and transformation. Learn how to face the future with grace, gravitas, an open-heart and a renewed enthusiasm for a bold and inspired life.

For access to this exquisite sanctuary, there are various membership options:
— Six-day retreat
— 3-month membership
— 6-month membership
— 11-month membership
— International option for Kintsugi women who live abroad
— One day full access

— Initial ‘Quantum Assessment’ with our Indian-trained naturopathic expert and a subsequent personalised plan
— Body & Fitness Assessment with our Indian-trained naturopathic expert and Tunisian fitness specialist
— Personal Perfume Workshop
— Kintsugi Product Set: four products chosen from the Kintsugi Luxury Lifestyle Collection which includes candles, teas, exquisite skincare goods, journaling books, room mists and intention-setting cards.
— Holistic group workshop per month according to our calendar
— Iris Royal Ritual to celebrate birthdays and other exceptional days
— Daily holistic classes including yoga, dance, fitness and meditation
— ‘Love Affair with Food’ full-board wellness menu
— Access to all Kintsugi Space facilities including our saunas, pools and Zen Garden areas
— Special rates on visiting expert events

— ‘Satori’ consultation with psychologist Dr. Asma Naheed
— Private consultation with Kintsugi’s Mediterranean nutrition expert
— Wellness assessment
— Unlimited quantum coaching sessions and check-ups
— Unlimited access to our ‘Lay Down and Heal’ facilities, booked in advance
— Extra products chosen from the Kintsugi Luxury Lifestyle Collection
— Personal training session per week
— Treatments per month from the Kintsugi Space Treatment Book or according to your personalised program

Unlocking Your Potential Begins with Understanding You.

Before we embark on this transformative journey together, it’s crucial for us to truly grasp who you are. That’s why we’ve crafted this Membership Application to get to know you better.

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