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An exquisite sanctuary in which to rest, repair, reset, and renew. The first women-only, holistic member’s club in Abu Dhabi, Kintsugi Space brings together a community of internationally-renowned wellness practitioners, well-being artists, healing souls, progressive therapists, inventors, scientists, and coaches. Each is exceptional in her field.

In a relaxed, seven-story space in the heart of Al Reem island, Kintsugi Space offers an interconnected, collaborative approach to well-being. One which unifies scientific innovations and incredible avant-garde technologies with vibrational energy work, ancient healing modalities, and natural holistic therapies. Wellbeing experiences span from Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Psychology to unparalleled Quantum Technology, with superlative machinery and avantgarde cosmetic refinements. Our experiential facilities and holistic therapies, together with pop-up events and plant-based food offerings, restore and illuminate feminine essence in a way that feels true to each individual woman.

At Kintsugi Space, you find an elevated environment of sheer tranquility, specifically designed to bring women together. The feminine capacity to adapt, innovate, evolve, and reinvent is infinite. We are here to celebrate these multi-dimensional qualities. At Kintsugi Space, you discover a safe space for restoration and transformation. At Kintsugi Space, you learn how to face the future with grace, gravitas, an open-heart, and a renewed enthusiasm for a bold and inspired life.

The convergence of quantum physics and the traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi, though seemingly disparate in their domains, reveals intriguing parallels rooted in shared principles. Quantum physics, exploring the behaviour of particles at the microscopic level, and Kintsugi, an artistic practice of mending broken pottery, both underscore the aesthetic appeal of imperfections, acknowledge the inevitability of change, and recognize the interconnected nature of fundamental elements.

From a quantum perspective, the beauty in imperfection aligns with the inherent uncertainty and variability observed in quantum states. The acceptance of change resonates with the dynamic nature of particle interactions, subject to fluctuations and transformations. The interconnectedness of elements, a fundamental concept in quantum entanglement, finds a metaphorical reflection in Kintsugi’s emphasis on weaving disparate fragments into a cohesive whole.

The Kintsugi wellness concept links the principles of quantum physics to tangible aspects of daily life. This bridge encourages an appreciation for the intricate and dynamic interplay of elements, mirroring the quantum realm’s complexity. Kintsugi Experiences leverage quantum principles for holistic well-being, emphasizing the interdependence of biological, psychological, and environmental factors and recognizing the unique journey of each individual.

Kintsugi experiences fuse quantum concepts through advanced technologies, diagnostics and integrated, person-centred therapies.

Interconnectedness: Quantum physics emphasises the interconnected nature of particles and energy fields. In holistic health, the concept of interconnectedness is applied to understand how different aspects of an individual’s health, including physical, energetic, and emotional dimensions, are closely linked.

Energy and Vibrations: Quantum diagnostics involves the measurement or analysis of subtle energy fields or vibrations within the body. Practitioners use devices or techniques inspired by quantum principles to assess these energetic patterns. Non-Local Effects: Quantum entanglement, where particles become interconnected regardless of distance, may inspire the idea that health conditions are not isolated to specific areas but may have non-local effects on the entire system.

Quantum States and Information: Quantum states and the concept of information in quantum systems may be applied to holistic health, suggesting that an individual’s health information is encoded in various energetic or quantum states.

Non-Deterministic Influence: The probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics may be associated with the idea that health outcomes are influenced by a combination of factors, including lifestyle, environment, and genetics, and are not entirely deterministic.

Rooted in quantum physics, Kintsugi treatments aim to inspire a distinct perspective on life, emphasizing interconnectedness and the dynamic unity of Mind, Body, and Psyche with the environment.


At Kintsugi Space we offer a glorious melting pot of ancient healing modalities, next generation modern technologies, scientific know-how, and holistic globally inspired therapies to guide our members towards happier and healthier ways of being. Defying definition, we are part healing hideaway, part uber-tech salon, part wholesome café, part artistic refuge, part casual cosmic community. Like a sparkling Milky Way, we’re here to light your path.

We invite you to join our sisterhood of kindred spirits, bask in immaculate service from beyond, breathe. Discover a new frequency of living. One which infuses your everyday existence with more joy and vibrancy. Let’s celebrate the body as a vessel for spirit. Laughter, tears, hugging, dancing – all are welcomed. Just as we welcome you, in all your completeness and in whatever state you arrive.

We believe in creating healthy routines, purifying the body, stimulating the mind, thinking less and observing more. Our expert team of emphatic professionals range from Naturopathic and Ayurveda experts, Nutritionist and Wellness Chefs, to legendary intuitive healers and coaches with that magic touch. All conduct and hold the space providing thoughtful consultations and results-driven individualised recommendations.

Receive deep and tender care. Bathe in the beauty and love of our unique signature experiences. Feel the world outside drop away; dissolve into peace in this secluded space: a temple of silence, a song of harmony, a balm for the soul. Your journey can be as light, long, deep and delightful as you like.
We are always here to support you.

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