Leading ourselves to authenticity

Inspiring fulfilling change and a sense of wellbeing in the lives of women, Metanoia shares the lessons she’s learned…

Being a woman in a leadership position, in this day and age, is something for which I am very grateful. My leadership journey has had an enormous impact on my personality and understanding of myself. And as I reflect upon this, I want to share my insights so others can experience profound journeys to self-authenticity.

Leading others is about understanding your true self and your vulnerabilities, and recognising your power. That’s the best way you can help others overcome their challenges: I believe a woman cannot succeed in business if she is uncomfortable with exercising leadership or holding a position of authority.

As we start out in business, we must work on becoming great listeners, motivators and decision-makers. We can then use those skills in high-level positions where our word holds greater weight
and consequences.

All women can obtain some degree of power in their work. And, frankly, they should, if they are ambitious and committed.
Women are drawn to powerful positions because they are ready to ignite their authentic vision for the future – fuelled by a desire to create something truly significant. When women acknowledge their immense capacity for change, we see how planting seeds today makes success flourish tomorrow.

True success is impossible, however, without self-authenticity. To reach your full potential, I recommend pushing against the personal biases, misconceptions and other hindrances that prevent you succeeding. If you want something done effectively, you must do it confidently. Being more prepared and knowledgeable than everyone else will give you the edge to rise above.

Being in a leadership position gives me immense power and the ability to make constructive choices as I see fit. But I have enough confidence to ask for honest feedback. I want to understand the way I am viewed through the eyes of every colleague in the room.

This is crucial. A feedback loop allows me to grow stronger in my vision and make self-improvements where necessary. And, as we all know, self-improvement is a core element of emotional and physical wellness.

Good leadership is made up of many elements, not least the ability to continually learn and grow. Working towards presenting my most authentic self – and reframing my goals, motivations and aspirations accordingly – means I feel able to promote wellness at every level.

Beloved Kintsugi readers: take the time to increase your self-awareness. Continually assess yourself and your surroundings. Learn to take action swiftly and confidently. These are critical steps to assuring your self-authenticity and wellbeing. I wish you all the best.

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