Leaning into Uncertainty

In uncertain times, we need to be a vessel strong enough to hold that uncertainty, for this is where we grow, says Metanoia

While walking with my friend and my dog in Yas Island recently, I chanced upon a billboard. As with everything in the Middle East, it was extravagant. But this one, in particular, awakened something in me. It was promoting The Lion King, calling it an ‘unparalleled theatre experience’. The Lion King’s story has always been close to my heart. Apart from the fact that I am a passionate Leo, I admire the story’s message.

When Simba is trying to understand who he is, he sees his father in the clouds. Mufasa imparts the same advice that has been instilled in me ever since I watched the film as a child.

‘Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the circle of life. Remember who you are.’

We all love to choose certainty – the comfort zone. Many people would rather stay in unhealthy situations instead of finding the courage to overcome uncertainty. Why do we need certainty so much? Have we become too used to it? Of course, craving certainty or stability is not always a bad thing. Seeking stability to fulfil our personal or professional commitments is natural. It helps to maintain relationships. But we also need variety and change.
Our unconscious hidden fears drive most of our conscious decisions and actions. Sometimes, we are motivated by fear rather than hope. By design, society embeds fear in us. We are unconsciously invested in it and allow it to take over. Think about the stories that inspire you most. Think about the people you know who have done incredible things in their lives. Almost always, in a moment (or in many moments) of uncertainty, a person’s story is transformed into one of astonishing courage and inspiration.

I attended a seminar by Tony Robbins in 2018 in which he talked about certainty and uncertainty as part of the six basic human needs. It was a new perspective; I learned the fine line between the role of uncertainty and a strong desire for certainty.

The inner conflict between the forces of fear and hope has grounded me several times in my professional and personal journey. Interestingly, whenever I make a decision driven by hope, I feel more contentment and joy regardless of the outcomes. I learned to see chaos and uncertainty as spaces of growth.
I was raised in a very stable and organised environment. Set schedules, routines, seasonal vacation plans and to-do lists were part of the early years of my life. I grew up on the same street, in the same house, went to the same city school and tasted the kind of safety and security that all children should have.
Whenever I challenged that pattern, I found the real manifestation of learning. The ‘stretch zone’ – one of Ryan & Markova’s three zones concerning the learning process – taught me to test the power of uncertainty by asking myself one big question – ‘what is the next best thing I can do to move forward?’ It’s all about trusting my learned skills. I found the way to miraculous healing through the power of choice.

In every chaotic situation, I remind myself that fear is no longer my keeper. Welcoming the power of ambiguity in our lives permits us to replace fear with courage, and be a warrior. I remember who I am daily.

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