One to seven, the moment is yours

We often seek ways in which to escape from our busy lifestyles and reconnect to our inner selves. For many, that moment starts with a cup of perfectly brewed tea. With the ability to calm, revitalise and ease the mind, body and soul, tea provides many natural health benefits. As each blend possesses its own unique healing solution, we can rest in the fact that we are gifting the soul what it needs and desires.

At Kintsugi, we like to welcome the new day and look forward to the next by embracing such soothing moments. Just one cup of tea helps us to envision our goals and lead the day with a proactive, reflective mindset. So much so, we’ve created an exclusive collection that brings together a selection of delicious teas and flavours from all over the world to suit any time of day or mindful moment. Each tea is specially created with ingredients of the highest quality, which are ethically sourced and blended in the English countryside. 

To reflect our deep connection with numerology, our tea collection consists of 7 unique blends, each tea influenced by the number it bears. Curated with love by our founder, our teas are designed to suit every mood and intention, creating special moments for all to treasure. From an exhilarating moment with tea No.3 Light – that provides refreshing notes of vibrant berries and floral tones – to the bold and spirited tea No.1 Courage – offering hints of Japanese green tea and stimulating aromas to inform the day ahead – our teas are designed to reflect our diverse energies.

Most prominent in the collection is our unique No.7 Signature Blend. All dressed in black, the sophisticated herbal blend is our founder’s signature tea, combining the true essence of Kintsugi to reflect the spiritual essence of 7. Aptly named Joy, the blend is intellectually curious, with a strong imagination and an inner strength to guide the way through life’s challenges. The 7 is a seeker, a dreamer who embraces rest and contemplation in their search for truth.

We live to embrace the cultural differences that the world has blessed us with, hence why our unique blends pay homage to the soulful roots of tea in East Asia. Encouraging curiosity and exploration is at the heart of what makes us who we are. 

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