Your new frequency

Above all, Kintsugi is a community.

In 2015, we, a group of female wellness experts, banded together to found Kintsugi, inspired by the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi. Literally translating to “golden repair”, kintsugi is a traditional art form that dates back to the 15th century. Legend has it that kintsugi was born when the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a damaged tea bowl for repairs. When it was returned, the bowl was held together with unsightly metal staples. Displeased with the appearance, Japanese craftsmen sought to find a more pleasing method of repair and instead bound the pieces back together with gold, intentionally highlighting the bowl’s cracks. For us, kintsugi has become more than a craft: its values are the same ones Kintsugi is built upon. We believe that embracing imperfections allows for even more strength, beauty, and resilience.

Today, we uphold this conviction through our wellness world in Abu Dhabi, exclusive products, and seasonal magazine.

Wellness is about so much more than the physical–it’s emotional, mental, and spiritual too–and at Kintsugi we take a holistic approach that honors individuality and celebrates interpersonal bonds. To become a part of our world is to join a movement, a movement that constantly works to support and empower those all over the world, helping each in our global community to find their new frequency.

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