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They say a good sleep is the best medicine, and its restorative power is unlocked long before you pull back the covers. Establishing a consistent routine with plenty of ‘sleep hygiene’ – bed before midnight, eliminating noise and light, and keeping the room cool – are some of the ways to stave off insomnia. But there is more you can do, which is why we have put together the latest sedative soaks, peaceful pillow mists and calming candles – just let fatigue float away. By Claire Brayford


Brightening Night Balm, £100, Epara

Formulated to work after dark, Epara’s rich and luxuriant ‘Brightening Night Balm’ makes for some seriously supercharged slumber. Enriched with sweet almond and Moroccan Argan oils to soften and moisturise, as well as signature Plankton-extract to target hyper-pigmentation, it is little surprise the name Epara means ‘to cocoon oneself’ in Nigeria.


Rose Hand Cream, £20, Aromatherapy Associates

Ease fatigue and massage a sense of serenity and optimism into your hands with Aromatherapy Associates’ new Rose hand cream. Boasting a naturally uplifting trio of essential oils – Damask Rose with its skin-rejuvenating abilities, geranium to bring balance and ground the mind and body as well as soft sweet Palmarosa to heal and calm – it is an easy way to incorporate a little self-care before bed.


Recovery + Sleep Pillow Spray, £28, Anatome

Carve out a soothing sleep-space away from urban stressors with Anatome’s new pillow spray. Poured over by a team of experts, nutritionists and aromacolgists, the range, including a trio of sleep oils, is the new go-to for London’s overactive, anxious minds. A quick spritz of the 22 essential oils (including lavender, frankincense and seaweed) on your pillow will encourage, deep, sustainable rest.


Overnight Banish Gel, £18, Indie Lee

If fatigue has taken its toll, you can deter blemishes with Indie Lee’s new overnight purifying gel. Containing a cocktail of powerful natural ingredients: Kaolin and Bentonite clays to draw out impurities and excess oil; wintergreen-derived Salicylic Acid to exfoliate; vitamin-rich Noni, Tasmanian Pepper Fruit, Jasmine and Burdock Root extracts to nourish – what is inside is everything to founder Lisa Swengros.


Bodyclock Shine 300, £129, Lumie

When it comes to beating the winter blues, a gradual light to start and end the day is one of the most effective ways to reset your internal clock and the daily cycle of hormones, metabolism and sleep. Its Bodyclock Shine device allows you to set your own sunset and sunrise, so that you can naturally unwind to a fading gentle glow or slowly wake to a bright, sun-filled room.


Mon Ami Acupressure Tool, £17, Odacité

Relieve tension in the face and unclog any energy blockages with Odacité’s new acupressure roller. Glide it over the skin, focusing on acupressure points around the temple and jawline, this elegant tool gradually smoothes stubborn lines and over time improves your skin’s tone and texture too.


Aromatique Candle, £80, Aesop

Engage with the ‘rest’ phase of your day with a good breathing technique that allows your body the time to relax. Scent is extremely transporting, and Aesop’s new fragrant candles in elegant reusable ceramic are as beautiful on the eye as the nose. Inspired by the stars, we love that each one is named after an ancient Greek astronomer. Our favourite, Aganice, has a spicy aroma of cardamom, clove and mimosa. Just remember to blow it out well before bedtime.


Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak, £55, Ilapothecary

Supplement your sleep-inducing serotonin levels and counter the negative impact of computers, laptops, smart-phones and television with a magnesium-infused pre-bed bath. Filled with mineral rich salts and reparative oils – including Amethyst and Benzoin – they soothe the nerves, relax your muscles and leave you feeling boosted and calm.


Eye Ampoules, £155, MZ Skin by Dr. Maryam Zamani

Ensure tired eyes receive the maximum opportunity to regenerate with Dr. Maryam’s intensive eye regime. Working hard overnight to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, the collagen-boosting peptides and antioxidants support the skin’s density in that delicate area. In the morning, the meso-hydrators lift and brighten so you start the day looking refreshed. It’s a real eye-opener.

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