The Mindful Five

Simple, beautiful and inspired luxuries bring colour and creativity to our daily life

Time for tea
There’s something soothing about settling down to make a cup of tea. Steeped in ancient tradition, the tea ceremony provides respite from a busy life – something we can all do with in these hectic times. This elegant tea set takes that practice and turns it into a meditative ritual. A handcrafted glass teapot, with a built-in infuser, holds your favourite loose-leaf tea, while a desert sand hourglass offers precise infusion time.
Ritual tea set, £215, Kintsugi

Back to nature
Fashion brand Mother of Pearl and jeweller Monica Vinader have teamed up for a sustainable jewellery collection that celebrates nature’s imperfect beauty, drawing on the art of Kintsugi. The twelve tactile pieces – with a 100 per cent recycled gold vermeil finish, freshwater pearls and hand-cut galaxy diamonds – are inspired by the natural world, evoking the tangled roots of a tree and iridescent oyster shells.
Keshi pearl bracelet, £250, Monica Vinader x Mother of Pearl

Topped up
There are few things more beneficial to our health and wellbeing than staying hydrated. So why does it seem so hard to drink enough water every day? This clever gadget from hydration specialists Waterdrop tackles that problem: a high-tech bottle cap filters water, keeps track of your consumption via a handy app and reminds you to drink at regular intervals.
Lucy Smart Cap, £119, Waterdrop

Wild beauty
This nourishing body oil from beauty brand Costa Brazil is the ultimate in self-care. A blend of rare Amazonian ingredients, vitamins A and E and antioxidant Kaya oil, it nurtures and firms your skin. Costa Brazil has superb credentials for the sourcing of ingredients: it wild-harvests wherever possible, and works closely with local farmers to ensure that communities on the ground benefit too.
Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil, £65, Costa Brazil

Art de la table
This covetable collaboration between artist Eliza Hopewell and contemporary craft platform Felt makes art a part of every meal. Inspired by the garden of the philosopher Epicurus, who believed pleasure was the route to human happiness, the ceramics collection offers a new take on Hopewell’s sensuous creations, which explore womanhood in its many guises. Handcrafted in blue and white, the pieces nod to Ming Dynasty and Delft pottery.
Rita platter, £250, Eliza Hopewell x Felt

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