Soak it all up

From anxiety to sleeplessness – our bodies and minds are enduring an unprecedented toll from the year’s challenges. Carving wellness rituals into your day not only maximises your wellbeing but boosts your immune system. Whether you simply light a candle or create a full bathing nirvana, we have all you need. By Claire Brayford


Balancing Room Diffuser, £67, Susanne Kaufmann

Scent is such an important part of relaxation, and who better to transport you outside of those same four walls than cult holistic skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann, which hails from Austria’s crisp Bregenz mountains. The new ‘Balancing’ room diffuser has been blended to evoke the Austrian tradition of welcoming guests into your home with the rich scent of mood-enhancing incense.


Clear quartz beauty restorer, £39, Hayo’u

A great way to relieve tension in your face and jaw before bed is with a new range of healing crystal tools by Hayo’u. They harness the ancient Chinese self-massage technique of Gua Sha, removing heat from the body, calming the mind and improving energy flow. Including rose quartz, jade and now clear quartz, the tools work with the acupressure points and lymphatic system in the face to sculpt, plump and ultimate relax your face.


La Potion Infinie, £158, Argentum

There is something incredibly potent about Argentum’s balancing face cream. Its patented formula, which harnesses the healing power of silver with DNA HP, has had amazing results in clinical trials on acne, wrinkles and skin texture. We love that it is both natural and restorative, but also scientifically powerful and superhydrating. It also comes with one of 12 archetype cards that invite you to have a moment of self-reflection.


Bath oil, £36.50, Olverum

There is an art to drawing the perfect bath and no one should be without a capful of Olverum’s decadent bath oil. Highly concentrated with 10 pure essential oils, it fills the room with a therapeutic pine scent combined with rosemary, lemon, lavender, verbena, juniper and eucalyptus. Feel the stress ebbing from your tired limbs, allowing you to breath deeply. It will make you sleep like a baby.


Swirl stack candle, £275, Tom Dixon

What better way to cast an air of magic and brighten the room with a glowing flame than Tom Dixon’s new sculptural stack and ball candle collection. The delicious unisex fragrance captures the uplifting notes of the forest with refreshing green stem accord, joyous floral notes of geranium and lily as well as soothing base notes of patchouli, cedarwood and moss.


Suvé body brush, £140, Shaquda

An essential daily ritual to stimulate the lymphatic system is body brushing, and it does not get more gentle and luxurious than with Shaquda’s Suvé design. Made by expert craftsmen in Kumano, which has been Japan’s most famous brush-making town since the mid-19th century, each of the goat hairs fitted into the walnut handle is hand-selected. There is also a ‘short’ design to use on your face, neck and décolletage. Practical and beautiful.


Bath salts, £76, Costa Brazil

Need to reset? Let us introduce sustainable beauty brand Costa Brazil’s new hydrating bath salts. A unique blend of Epsom and Mineral sea salts, detoxifying Brazilian White Clay and vitamin C-rich Camu Camu, it also contains the beauty world’s latest wonder ingredient CBD, which has been shown to help reduce anxiety and depression as well as promote healthier looking skin. It’s time to ease the body and bring back a state of calm.


One month Luxury Starter Kit, £80, Lumity

Glossier skin, hair and nails, greater alertness and increased immunity as well as an all-round improved feeling of balance – these are just some of the benefits of Lumity’s 12-week supplement program. A potent dose of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids – all in compostable resealable pouches – have been clinically proven to support healthy ageing and boost your immunity by working with your body’s own circadian rhythm throughout the day.

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