Spring Reading List

From mother and daughter healing to solving problems before they start, this season’s new books offer a wealth of life skills and insight to plunder.

Lift As You Climb by Viv Groskop
Part self-help guide, part master class in survival skills for life and work, this book examines what sisterhood really looks like, asks what you can do to make things better for other women and how to be ambitious without losing your sense of self.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

Tackling the contentious issue of sexual abuse and emotional complexity, this debut novel from author Kate Elizabeth Russell explores the blurred lines between consent and manipulation and how both memory and context can shift alarmingly over time.

Kingdomtide by Rye Curtis 

The lives of two women — the sole survivor of an airplane crash and the troubled park ranger who leads the rescue mission to find her — intersect in this gripping novel of hope and resilience, second thoughts and second chances.

Conjure Women by Afia Atakora
A mother and daughter with a shared talent for healing – and for the conjuring of curses – are at the heart of this novel that tells the lives of three unforgettable women spanning eras and generations before and after the Civil War.

The Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves
Frank hasn’t spoken to his wife Margot for the last six months of their married life. Not one solitary sentence or a single word and now it might be too late. This novel explores loss, lies and how love underpins everything.

Tennis Lessons by Susannah Dickey

From dead pets and crashed cars to family traumas and one too many misguided love affairs, Susannah Dickey’s hilarious debut novel plunges us into the private world of one young woman as she navigates her rocky way to adulthood.

You Never Told Me by Sarah Jasmon

Charlie’s life seemed to be following a plan: she had a beautiful house, a lovable dog and an upcoming wedding. But she felt trapped. A few months before the big day, ignoring the warnings from her family, she abandoned her life and fled to the other side of the world to live on a narrowboat. This explores the journey of self discovery, family grief and hidden secrets.

Upstream How to Solve Problems Before They Happen by Dan Heath
New York Times bestselling author Dan Heath explores how to prevent problems before they happen, drawing on insights from hundreds of interviews with unconventional problem solvers offering practical solutions for preventing problems rather than reacting to them.

Burnout by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski  

This groundbreaking book explains why women experience burnout differently than men—and provides a simple, science-based plan to help women minimise stress, manage emotions, and live a more joyful life.

Yes To Life In Spite of Everything by Viktor Frankl

Just months after his liberation from Auschwitz renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl delivered a series of talks revealing how he learnt from his fellow inmates that it is always possible to say ‘yes to life’. This book is the first time they’ve been published in English.


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