The Boy & the Echo

A simple reminder that our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and actions…

This is the story of a father and his young son who were walking through the mountains. Suddenly, the son fell, hurting his leg on a rock. He screamed ‘AAhhhh!’

To his surprise, he heard a voice, ‘AAhhhh!’

This made him curious. So he yelled ‘Who are you?’ Back came the same words – ‘Who are you?’

Puzzled by these responses, he shouted ‘Coward!’ The same word came back – ‘Coward!’

He looked at his father and asked: ‘What’s going on?’ His father smiled and said: ‘Son, pay attention.’

Looking across the valley, his father yelled to the mountain ‘I admire you!’ The voice answered: ‘I admire you!’

Again the man cried out: ‘You are a champion!’ The voice replied, ‘You are a champion!’

The boy was amazed, but also confused. So, his father explained…

‘You are hearing an echo. It’s the sound of our voices bouncing back from the mountains. However, this is really how life works. What you think, say and do returns to you.

‘Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and actions. If you want more love in your world, create more love in your heart. If you want to be treated with kindness, treat others with kindness. If you want more competence on your team, become more competent.

‘This relationship applies to all aspects of life. Life will give to you everything you give to it – except life gives you even more in return. Your life is not ever a coincidence. Each moment is a reflection of you.’

The son listened and grew in understanding. Throughout the years that followed, the son witnessed the truth of these words in his life.

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