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Ideas and concepts to spark thought, infuse joy and encourage creativity…

Leading Thoughts, £27, Kintsugi Space

This book of quotes from great thinkers complied by Kintsugi Founder Al Reem Al Tenaiji will provide daily insight and wisdom into your life. From the words of great thinkers and leaders such as Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and Mother Teresa to proverbs shared from all corners of the world, this book offers a guiding light for those looking for wisdom and the path to living an enlightened, empowered life. Designed using strategic chess moves and split into months, Leading Thoughts is something you will come back to again and again.

15th Degree JetFuel Travel Fatigue, £40, Net-a-Porter

Think of these JetFuel sachets as your go-to travel hack this summer that will have you feeling your best post-flight and during your trip. They’re divided into three specialised supplements – energy-boosting ‘Performance’, soothing ‘Rest’ and ‘Health’ for overall well-being – each is loaded with vitamins, minerals, botanicals and bacterial cultures. It’s a game-changer for frequent flyers.

Energy + Strength Essential Oil, £35, Anatome

Dab of this fast-acting oil on your sensory points whenever you’re feeling a bit sluggish and you’ll soon get your mojo back. The oils in here include Black Pepper Paraguay and Camphor which help increase stamina and support the respiratory, muscular and nervous systems while May Chang, which is prescribed in Chinese medicine, works to energize and uplift.

Flowerbx subscription, from £45 per delivery

Numerous studies have pointed out that having flowers in your home do more than simply look pretty – they have stress-relieving impact, boost your mood and help you sleep by clearing the air around you. The best way to harness their benefits is to get a prescription in the form of a Flowerbx subscription where the season’s finest blooms will land on your doorstep weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Kintsugi Candle, £80, Kintsugi

There is nothing like the flickering flame of a beautifully scented candle to promote a feeling of calm and wellbeing. At Kintsugi, we consider ourselves candle connoisseurs and we are very proud of our own new candle, with scents of fresh clementine flower, rich cocoa bean and lush coconut creates a reassuring and inviting fragrance for home and heart.

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