The Mindful Five

Start the year as you mean to go on with goals and gratitude taking centre stage…

Rethink & Reshape
As Aristotle once said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do’. But what if you find that the habits you’ve cultivated over the last few years no longer serve you? Then it’s time to start shaping them – which is precisely what this journal was designed to do. Packed full of tips for planning your day effectively and making time for the truly important things in life, it’s the tool you need to finally achieve those goals you’ve always dreamed of.
Shape Your Habits Journal, £25, Kintsugi

Heavens Above
Organise your life in style with this elegant velvet pouch from Elizabeth Scarlett, big enough to fit all your daily essentials but small enough to stash away in your handbag. The delicately embroidered sun and moon motif was inspired by the powerful energy that flows from day to night, as the sun sets and the moon rises in the sky. Use it to channel your own
celestial mood.
Sun & Moon Everyday Pouch, £28, Elizabeth Scarlett

Good Vibes
Each of these TBalance crystal bracelets – designed to help support you on your journey towards achieving happiness and balance – was created by holistic health coach Tori Boughey and features a different positive affirmation to help you reframe your outlook. Hand-crafted in the UK using responsibly sourced stones, every bracelet is cleansed with Palo Santo before being sold, to raise the energy vibrations of the crystals.
Gratitude Bracelet, £42, TBalance Crystals

Breaking the Mould
After parting ways with his eponymous fashion label, House of Holland, last year, London-based designer Henry Holland has turned his attention to ceramics instead. The distinctive marbling effect on his striking earthenware pieces come from a Japanese pottery technique called Nerikomi, where coloured clays are hand-moulded to create organic patterns. Holland quickly fell in love with the meditative process – a welcome respite after years working in the hectic world of fashion.
Blue and White Dinner Plate, £50, Henry Holland

Highly Charged
London-based wellbeing brand Vyrao is on a mission to evoke
positive emotion through scent with their high-vibration fragrances. Each one has been designed to infuse the principles of energetic healing by tapping into powerful feelings, from liberation and sensuality in Free 00 to attraction and protection in Magnetic 70. Founded by creative consultant Yasmin Sewell and blended by legendary perfumer Lyn Harris, every bottle contains a supercharged 500-million-year-old Herkimer diamond crystal – the ultimate mood booster.
Magnetic 70, £135, Vyrao

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