Your mindful guide to winter…

This is the season to find contentment and renewal in the stillness. Your mindful guide to winter is out now...

“In the harsh bleakness of winter, may you remember, that your roots are nourished, by this fertile darkness. That your heart is held safe, in the cocoon of stillness. That your confusion is dispelled, by the frost-cold winds. May you embrace this inner winter, wrapped up cosily by the fireside of your soul. And embrace the opportunity to rest and be renewed.” (Stella Tomlinson

It feels so fitting to think about the opportunity to rest and renew, to let ourselves be cocooned by nature, Stella Tomlinson’s words speak so beautifully to this season – whatever the weather is like where you are. We all need a winter, whether hot or cold. Winter reminds us of the need for a darkness that is nurturing and safe, of a stillness that cocoons you its embrace, and an inner winter that gives us permission to slow down and take the time we need to look deep inside.

So, our invitation to you this season is to find contentment in the quietness. To take a moment and lean into gratitude and grace, as you look through your life with a lens of open enquiry and appreciation. Your mindful guide to winter is here!

Set the tone with our feature on embracing the energy of winter, a season which thrums with a slower frequency than any other. And then enjoy Suzy Reading’s feature on achieving peace at Christmas, for yourself and those around you. From here, take time to learn how happiness, like anything else, is a habit; and one that you can literally train your brain to focus on; while also learning that finding our own beautiful light and letting it shine can be such a balm for a broken world.

If you need more convincing of the importance of finding contentment, Luciana Bellini shares a unique perspective on how our day-to-day joy can be a form of resistance, while Helen Massey encourages us see being highly sensitive as a super-power. Finally, we consider the gift of menopause and the later years of our lives; and look at how the cycles of the moon can give us the space to be ebb and flow from month to month.

Bringing all this together, we have also shared a unique insight into our new Kintsugi space, a ground-breaking new wellness space in Abu Dhabi which opened in November. A sanctuary for women, our space is designed to help you find your deepest, purest, truest rest. In an environment of retreat, repair and renewal, the space will bring your body back into balance, nurture your inner spirit and invite communion with your new frequency. Elle Blakeman talks to director Patrizia Bortolin about her vision for a movement that will expand hearts, increase energy and unlock a more meaningful and harmonious life.

As part of our commitment to goiong slow, and taking our time, all our features will be released here gradually, over the coming weeks, so check back here when you need some more winter inspiration. Or subscribe to our newsletter for fortnightly thoughts and wisdom, (scroll to the bottom of this page to enter your email).

However you choose to retreat, repair, and renew this season, we hope you find our mindful guide to winter offers both inspiration and food for thought. Take time to search for contentment in the big and small moments, to reflect on what a practice of gratitude makes possible and how we can all enter the new year with a heart that is gracious, joyful and full.



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