Using creativity to manifest a beautiful life

When we harness our creativity, we have the power to manifest a beautiful life into reality. All it takes is a willingness to be open to the possibilities available to us, discovers Nicola Chantler

‘Creativity is not a rare ability,’ writes Rick Rubin in The Creative Act: A Way of Being. ‘It is not difficult to access. Creativity is a fundamental aspect of being human. It’s our birthright. And it’s for all of us.’ At the core of our intentions lies one universal truth – the way to manifest a beautiful life is down to harnessing our creativity.

Our innate creativity enables us to manifest change in our lives. As the saying holds, ‘Where attention goes, energy flows.’ By directing our energy into nurturing our creative endeavours, we set in motion change and action.

This is the art of manifesting: consciously bringing our dreams into reality by tapping into powers within and around us. And it’s not a new concept: it has been tried and tested throughout history.

Manifesting requires us to surrender to our deepest truths through creative thought and imagination, and hence bring our dreams to the surface. ‘As you travel from birth to death, a series of doors open for you,’ writes Carolyn Boyes in /The Art of Manifesting/. ‘For many of us, we stumble through doors by accident without thinking much about our choices. When you intentionally manifest, it’s different. You choose which doors you are going to open.’

As Joseph Murphy writes in /The Cosmic Power Within You/, ‘You have faith when you know that thoughts are things; what you feel, you attract; and what you imagine, you become.’ This reminds us that, by nurturing our creative intention and focus, we can change our world.

But what if we have never dared to dream of our ideal life, or felt our dreams were too beyond reach to become reality? How can we open ourselves to the endless possibilities that await us?

Along our path, we naturally experience unhelpful thoughts that stop us connecting to our intentions. Those thoughts could include imposter syndrome, feeling too ambitious, letting other commitments or responsibilities take priority over our creative pursuits, looking for others to validate our journey… the list goes on.

But interrupting these negative thoughts and discovering what we wish to manifest is simpler than we might imagine. ‘We tend to take so much for granted,’ writes Rubin. ‘Most of what we see in the world holds the potential to inspire astonishment if looked at from a less jaded perspective. The beauty around us enriches our lives in so many ways. Train yourself to see the awe behind the obvious.’

Our manifesting journey calls on us to be open and awake to the magic within and around us, and to the universal powers at play. Our creative intentions carry a vibration that, when put out into the world, invokes the law of attraction. When our creative force buzzes, the vibration grows, and the universe returns that energy by attracting different experiences to us.

‘Your true power is the power to manifest a different life…’ writes Carolyn Boyes. ‘The life you have now is the one you cocreated with the universe. [Thus] you can unmake it and remake it in accordance with what your heart truly wants.’

Making space in our busy lives to open our awareness to what sparks our curiosity is the first step. ‘Those who choose this path will find out that they are no longer a victim of circumstance but can make their own choices and thrive,’ Boyes says. ‘It is never too late to become what you hoped you might become.’

3 steps on your manifesting journey

Open your awareness

Find a quiet space, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Notice your breath moving quietly through your belly. As you relax, sense your breath slowing and your awareness opening. See the black, blank space behind your closed eyes. Imagine this as a screen on which to bring your dreams to life. Consider what brings you joy; the last time you felt truly happy creating. Picture this emerging on your screen in full colour, as if it’s happening there and then.

Feel the creative energy of this moment radiating through your body: spiralling from your centre and into your heart space. Bask in these sensations  of creativity for a few moments. Feel you life manifest around you. Then return your attention to your body. Allow the resonance of the experience to permeate your whole being. Open your eyes.

Create a vision board

Using a pinboard or large piece of card, cut out pictures – from magazines or photographs – that mean something to you and the life you want to create. On separate pieces of paper, write words or sentences about the life you desire. Picture what you would like to do. Picture where – and with whom – you would like to be. What brings you pleasure? Be honest about what feels right for you and your life. be creativity, manifest what you most desire. Keep the vision board wherever you can look at it regularly, deepening your connection to yourself and the universe.


Take time each day to write down your dreams and desires. Let the words flow through you, without giving them too much thought. Write about experiences you have enjoyed, things you want to let go, and what is commanding your creative attention. At the end of each entry, spend a few moments turning your desires about your life into positive, present tense statements: ‘I am safe and happy in my new life abroad,’ for example, or, ‘I am prioritising my needs when I take time to meditate.’

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