Winter Wisdom

A soulful meditation for inner wisdom and peace this winter season

Winter is the season to connect inwards, to access your inner knowing – your softer, wiser self. In female archetypes we talk about this self as our ‘crone’: an elderly woman who has gained insight from her many years; someone with deep knowledge and ancient understanding. And this is a wonderful meditation to reconnect with that knowing.

Soften, breathe and get comfortable. Sink down and let the earth hold you. With one hand, hold your heart space – the centre of your being. With the other, hold your womb space – the centre of your creativity.

Imagine a warm glow flowing around you. Golden and soft, it lights up the darkness, and brings comfort and peace. Feel its warmth and energy begin to flow through you, touching your skin, bringing softness and surrender.

Imagine gathering that warmth into yourself, first through the crown of your head. Feel it flowing around your skull, softening your jaw, easing tightness in your neck.

Send it down through your body – into your chest and your heart, your shoulders and your back. Feel it flow into your belly and your pelvis, bringing a grateful heaviness as you give your weight to the earth and let yourself soften.

Feel the flow of this warm glow along your legs and arms, into each joint, into your ankles and wrist, into your fingers and toes. Feel it warm and glowing, flowing around your body.

Let it flow through you, and into the earth like roots, so you are connected. Breathe in the earth’s healing energy. Breathe in the warmth from your belly.

Let’s go to the woods, dear one: they are beautiful and wintery now. Come into the place where the trees stand together, where they know, where they speak an ancient, unseen language of knowing.

Let us be here, in this space. Tall trees reaching up, the last leaves on the earth, the sky above us, the earth below, frost on the branches. Imagine the roots reaching down, warm and safe in the dark earth. Let that feeling of safety find you too. Feel safe here, rooted here.

Reach out your hands to touch the trees. Feel your hands on the rough bark. Feel the wetness of the dusk air. Feel the energy beneath your fingertips. Feel the pulse of connection. Feel your hands on the trees and know, as their roots twist and pulse in the earth below, that this connection moves beyond time or space, into an innate place of knowing.

Among the trees you can see someone – a woman. You know she is a friend, wise and ancient; the archetypal crone. An elder of importance. A weaver of stories. She represents the wisdom of winter, of intuition and insight. She symbolises endings, transformation and rebirth.

An elder who has walked the old roads, she holds space for completion. She is here to midwife us through these endings, and these new beginnings. And she is here to help us see the beauty in imperfection, to know ourselves more fully.

Walk to meet her. Take her hands in yours. See her twinkling eyes shining with love. See her smiling. See the knowing that she awakens within you.

Breathe in all that she is sharing with you. Breathe out warmth and love to your inner crone. Your crone sees you, and she knows you. All the answers you need, she has. Listen, listen to the knowing.

Crone reminds us that all endings hold the possibility of new beginnings. Crone helps us to see more clearly. Crone listens to our inner voice and replies with wisdom – wisdom gained over the years and yet has always been there.

Feel yourself filling up with that knowledge now. Close your eyes and hold her hands. Feel that ancient pulse of knowing thrum through your body.

In these beautiful woods, take a few moments more to stand in the stillness. Smell the quiet earth. Feel the trees creaking and moving with life around you. It is winter but life goes on – gently, quietly, beneath the earth. You are held and safe here. You can be completely you here. Your imperfections are welcome. Your inner truth is welcome.

Open your eyes now. Crone is gone, but the feeling of being with her remains. There is something new, too: a sense of connection with your inner world. A feeling of steadiness in the face of uncertainty. You smile as you feel your mind and body come back to themselves.

You know you will meet your crone again. You will greet her warmly and with familiarity; thank her for all that she is here to teach you. And then you will listen; listen to the wisdom that has been inside of you all this time.

Take as long as you need in this place of knowing. Rest in stillness. And then, when you feel ready, return to the world, wise and full of wonder.

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